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◎ THLS was established in 1976.
◎ Leading biotechnology/life sciences service company in Taiwan.
◎ Cover cell culture, proteomics, genomics, bioprocess, medical device-related products market in Taiwan.
◎ Distribute to more than 90% of the customers.
◎ Most of TFDA approved cell therapy company are our customers in Taiwan.
◎ Major Taiwan CDMO companies supplier.
◎ Turnkey solution provider in Taiwan.

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Taiwan, Taipei Headquarter:TEL:+886-2-2785-1156

Taiwan, Hsinchu Office:TEL:+886-3-530-7592

Taiwan, Taichung Office:TEL:+886-4-2471-0255

Taiwan, Tainan Office:TEL:+886-6-207-1392

Taiwan, Kaohsiung Office:TEL:+886-7-343-1735

THLS Quality Policy

THLS Quality Policy

Sincere, cordial and honest business enterprise; keep promises to customers and build long-term customer loyalty.

Sharing professional knowledge and application scope of life science products; providing scientific and technological information, special reagents and instruments for life science research.

Adopting customers the recommend suitable products with the “Consultative Selling” model; satisfy our customer’s demands on applied research in human life sciences.


Raybiotech-Antibody Array

RayBiotech Research Use Only products are in compliance with FDA regulations; they are freely marketed in the U.S.; and are in compliance with all U.S. laws and regulations.

Antibody Arrays
More Data, Less Sample
Antibody arrays are a multiplex assay that simultaneously measures the expression of multiple proteins. They allow a much broader view of protein activity than can be obtained with single-target ELISAs and western blots. Several platforms and techniques for visualizing protein expression (chemiluminescent, fluorescent, etc.) can be used depending on the sample or analyte requirements, which allows for a more comprehensive analysis of biological responses and functions and identification of key factors or disease mechanisms. Antibody arrays allow researchers to conduct rapid, accurate, and simultaneous detection of hundreds of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, proteases, receptors and other proteins from any biological fluid.

Quantitative Sandwich ELISAs for Protein Detection in a Variety of Sample Types

Sandwich ELISA is an in vitro enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative measurement of soluble proteins in biological fluids. RayBiotech sandwich ELISA kits are manufactured in Peachtree Corners, GA, fully validated, and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Under a large and highly experienced team of R&D scientists, our sandwich ELISA catalog has grown to cover 3000 target analytes and 16 species. When you buy directly from RayBiotech and our authorized distributors, you will never pay 3rd party markups, giving you access to the most competitive prices available. This, along with 3000+ literature citations, has made RayBio® sandwich ELISA kits some of the most trusted in the industry.


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Visual Protein-Proteomics reagent & service

Visual Protein

Visual Protein is a brand name owned by ENERGENESIS BIOMEDICAL CO., LTD. Visual Protein providing innovative products and services for research use, especially in the fields of proteomics, immunology, and cytology. Our vision for the future is to facilitate better solutions for advanced research and development

Based on our principle of solving problems in experiments, we offer high quality products for: (1) Western Blotting; (2) Protein Purification; (3) Antibody Production; (4) Proteomics; (5) Buffer (6) Cell viability assay.

Top items
1. BCA Kits
2. BlockPRO Protein-Free Blocking Buffer
3. CCK8 assay
4. LuminolPen EZ HRP system
5. LumiFlash Ultima Chemiluminescent Substrate


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iReal Biotechnology Co. maintains ISO13485 accreditation for the development, validation, and production of antibodies. Under the Quality System we work with clients in design control, development, validation, production, and testing of antibodies. Certified ISO 13485:2016 for Design and Manufacture and Sales of Product Services in three categories.Product Categories:
1. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Antibodies, Reagents and Kits
2. Panel of Antibodies
3. Antibodies for CTC and Bio-chip

Product List


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Arise Biotech EzMate-Liquid Handling

EzMate Automated Pipetting System
Your Dependable Liquid Handling Partner

EzMate automated pipetting system series is ideal for routine low volume pipetting, and helps eliminate tedious pipetting and human error, which enables more precise and standardized results to improve productivity. With highly-customized adapters and application-oriented software, EzMate can satisfy the various needs of assays, including PCR/qPCR set up, sample normalization, NGS preparation, and reagent kit manufacturing methods.

Features and Benefits
.Simple Operation
.High Flexibility and Capacity
.Excellent Serial Dilution Results
.Better Precision than Manual Pipetting


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HQS-Lab antiseptin solution

Universal Antiseptics Solution

Only by starting from the issue we encounter; can we intrinsically see the need of customers.
As R&D teams engaged in biotechnology and medical industry, we know how much harm and trouble the pollution of bacteria, mold and mycoplasma has caused us in the process of experiment and product development. However, general disinfection products are highly toxic, not only inapplicable during the experiment, but may also harm the experimenters physically.

Aiming to solve this issue that has trouble us for a long time, we launched Universal Antiseptics Solution for lab use.
It solves lab microorganism contamination and assures safe working environment for researchers.

Product benefit
.All in one. Chlorine dioxide & multi-antiseptic agene based.
.Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Virus and Anti-Mycoplasma
.Free of Alcohol and volatile solvents


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BioSmart-Mycoplasma detection kit

This product detects mycoplasma contamination in investigational cell strains through the PCR method.

.Product Features
 ◇ Identification of mycoplasma-contaminated cell culture in RD stage.
 ◇ Quick to detection the culture medium
 ◇ High specificity primer to each Mycoplasma contamination
 ◇ PCR method : easy manual step
 ◇ Suitable to detect the common Mycoplasma species

common Mycoplasma species
M. arginini
M. fermentans
M. hyorhinisM. oraleM. pneumoniae

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